• FPL Ruleset / Settings
  • (These rules are subject change at any time. It is the teams and/or players responsibility to read all rules & prior to each Match, League and Tournament. The League officials are here to assist and enforce the rule but IT IS THE PLAYERS RESPONSIBILITY to ensure they abide by the rules and take the appropriate steps on their behalf.  In the fairness of competition, the league commissioner has the authority to modify any rules or regulations as situations occur).
    1. Pre Match Countdown Timer: This timer will display a different amount for each player since connection times vary. You should not take action for a match for this reason unless there was no timer.
    2. Restricted Item Clarification: In the event a player equips a restricted item they will only forfeit the map in question if they actively used it in the match. The burden of proof is on the opposing team to prove the item was used.  Leaving a match due to the opposing equipping a restricted item but not using the item will result in a forfeit for the team that leaves the match unless they are able to prove that it was actually used.
      • Restricted Specialist Equipped
    • Restricted Specialist Equipped – If Activated The Team  Would Forfeit
    • Restricted Lethal/Tactical – If Thrown The Team Would Forfeit
    • Restricted Scorestreak – If Called In The Team Would Forfeit
  • Restrictions

    (Host is not required to pre-ban restrictions but is allowed to)

    Effective Feb 19th, 2016 CWL Settings  will be used with Slight modifications by the FPL that overrule CWL settings (Highlighted in Red)

    Last Updated: April 25th, 2016 Link: http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/CWLRules

  • Pre-Match Timer: 15 Seconds
  • Pre-Round Timer: 5 Seconds
  • Mini-Map: Normal
  • Explosive Delay: Disabled
  • Kill Cam: Enabled
  • Scorestreak Delay: 15 Seconds
  • Score Multiplier: 1
  • Respawn Delay: Check Game Mode
  • Incremental Spawn Delay: Disabled
  • Force Respawn: Enabled
  • Wave Spawn Delay: Disabled
  • Suicide Penalty: Check Game Mode
  • Team Killed Penalty: Disabled
  • Ban/Protect Voting: Enabled
  • Ban/Protect Time: 30 Seconds
  • Create a Class Edit Time: 1.5 Minutes
  • Scorestreak Edit Time: 20 seconds
  • Votes per Player: 1 Vote
  • Specialist Draft: Enabled
  • Draft Time: 20 Seconds
Competitive – Advanced
  • Pre-Stage: 3 Seconds
  • In-Between: 3 Seconds
  • Post Tage: 3 Seconds
  • Edit Create a Class: Always
  • Edit Scorestreaks: Always
  • Player Select Order: Random
  • Post-Stage Shuffle: None
Health and Damage
  • Health: 100%
  • Health Regeneration: Normal
  • Friendly Fire: Enabled
  • Teamkill Kick Limit: Disabled
  • Headshots Only: Disabled
  • Hit Indicator: Enabled
  • Team Assignment: Open
  • Team Change In-Game: Enabled
  • CODcasting: Enabled
  • 3rd Person Spectating: Disabled
  • Dynamic Map Elements: Disabled
  • Revenge Voice: Disabled
  • Battlechatter: Disabled
  • Announcer: Enabled
  • Player Limit: Total players  and Female Pro League Staff per match
  • Party Privacy: Closed\

Maps and Modes

Search and Destroy

Win Condition
  • Time Limit: 1.5 Minutes
  • Round Win Limit: 6 Rounds
  • Respawn Delay: Disabled
  • Suicide Penalty: Disabled
  • Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
  • Plant Time: 5 Seconds
  • Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
  • Multi Bomb: Disabled
  • Switch Sides: Every Round
  • Silent Plant: Enabled
  • Dog Tags: Disabled
  • Number of Lives per Player: 1 Life


Win Condition
  • Time Limit: 5 Minutes
  • Score Limit: 250 Points
  • Respawn Delay: Disabled
  • Suicide Penalty: 3 Seconds
  • Lifetime: 1 Minute
  • Capture Time: Disabled
  • Activation Delay Time: Disabled
  • Locations: Linear Order
  • Scoring: Constant
  • Pause Time: Enabled


Win Condition
  • Time Limit: 5 Minutes
  • Round Score Limit: Unlimited
  • Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds
  • Suicide Penalty: Disabled
  • Round Limit: 2 Rounds
  • Carrier Armor: Normal
  • Carry Score: 2 Points
  • Throw Score: 1 Point
  • Enemy Carrier: Delayed
  • Reset Time: 15 Seconds
  • Satellite Count: 1 Satellite

Capture the Flag

Win Condition
  • Win Rule: Total Flag Captures
  • Time Limit: 5 Minutes
  • Respawn Delay: 7.5 Seconds
  • Suicide Penalty: Disabled
  • Capture Limit: Unlimited
  • Round Limit: 2 Rounds
  • Round Win Limt: 2 Rounds
  • Enemy Carrier: Delayed
  • Auto Return Time: 30 Seconds
  • Capture Condition: Flag At Base
  • Pickup Time: Instant
  • Return Time: Instant

Game Types

Search and Destroy
  • Search and Destroy – Fringe
  • Search and Destroy – Redwood
  • Search and Destroy – Breach
  • Search and Destroy – Hunted
  • Search and Destroy – Stronghold
  • Search and Destroy – Evac
  • Search and Destroy – Infection
  • Hardpoint – Breach
  • Hardpoint – Stronghold
  • Hardpoint – Fringe
  • Hardpoint – Evac
  • Uplink – Evac
  • Uplink – Breach
  • Uplink – Infection
  • Uplink – Fringe
Capture the Flag
  • Capture the Flag – Stronghold
  • Capture the Flag – Fringe
  • Capture the Flag – Evac
  • Capture the Flag – Breach

Item Restrictions

    • UAV
    • Care Package
    • H.A.T.R
    • Guardian
    • Hardened Sentry
  • XM-53
  • All Blackmarket Weapons (Excludes Camos)
  • Ghost
  • Sixth Sense
  • Tracker
  • Trip Mine
  • Shock Charge
  • C4
Special Restrictions
  • Other restrictions will be determined in the Ban-Protect phase for a single game. These additional restrictions will be unique to that game only.

General Play/Regulations

    • All maps will be played in a series
    • a league official must be invited to a skype call before the start of the match to verify all players
    • Abuse of the league in any manner will result in a permanent ban at the discretion of the league commissioner AND WILL BE STRONGLY ENFORCED
    • The League Commissioner will have final say on all matters pertaining to the league
    • Trying to manipulate the bracket will result in the player/team being eliminated from the tournament/league
    • League matches will be Best-of-5 series
    • Games may only be started with permission of a referee. Games started without permission will be disregarded and replayed
    • Teams may not use an unapproved sub or coach for league matches, LAN play or bracket play any changes must be submitted directly to the Commissioner.
    • Any competitor with a complaint or concern regarding any form of cheating must bring it to the referees attention by starting the message with “I have a dispute” before the next game. This includes game bugs that may have affected the match result. Players may request that a dispute be escalated to the Commissioner if they feel the referee made an incorrect ruling. This does not exclude players from their obligations to end the map or abide by other rules as it pertains to the ruleset.
    • Excessive taunting or use of vulgar language directed towards other competitors, spectators, or official staff will result in a warning. After 3 warnings the competitor and/or team will be suspended
    • Any form of cheating, glitching, modifications to the gaming console/system being utilized in gameplay, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a Forfeit of a Game, Match, or Ban from the Female Pro League.
    • Players who move their Character outside of the normal boundaries of a Map may Forfeit the Game. Moving outside of the normal boundaries of a Map includes but is not limited to part of the Characters body passing through what should be a non-permeable surface or object, utilizing unattended game mechanics to alter gameplay and moving into any area from which your Character registers shots on an opponent who is not able to register shots on your Character.
    • This is a reference not all spots in the video are banned. (Clayster Spots) Can not be seen or killed or outside the boundaries of the hill.
      • Spots such as below (effective 2/6/2016)
      • (Behind the Door on Breach)

(Running on the bottom of the map on Evac)

  • Match Rules
    • If for any reason, a match is unable to be operate at its scheduled time, FPL reserves the right to cancel or reschedule to a later date and time, teams must play at their schedule times, if teams do not show they will receive a forfeit or a draw, under extreme circumstances teams may request a match change to the commissioner 24 hours prior to the match how ever players should be prepared for denial.
    • All gametypes posted must be played and best of 5 games will also be played for regular season play
    • Matches will be streamed by the FPL, all matches chosen by the FPL will be streamed with no exceptions.
    • If a full team does not report within 10 minutes, they will forfeit the first game. Teams then have another 10 minutes to report to their assigned lobby after forfeiting the first game. If a team does not report within the additional 10 minutes (20 minutes after their scheduled match) they will forfeit the series. If neither team shows with a full team, a winner will be determined randomly and advanced.
    • All game lobbies are required to be set to invite only should a non team member join during the match the game should be immediately ended and a official contacted.
    • A forfeit ruling will be made at the discretion of the league commissioner.
    • A team is allowed to make one substitution after a series gameplay has started.  The replaced player must play the remainder of the match.


  • Host Rules
    • A random team will be chosen by the referee, winner of a coin toss will host games 1, 3 and 5 loser of the coin toss will host game 2 and 4 and choose side for 1, 3 and 5.
    • For the FPL Call of Duty (NA) league, qualifiers, and online playoffs/finals, only players living in Canada and  The United states  are allowed to host.
    • For the FPL Call of Duty (EU) league, qualifiers, and online playoffs/finals, only players living in Europe are allowed to host.
      Teams may request a lag test before the match has started the lag test will take no longer than 30 seconds on a map that is not in the match rotation. If there is a disagreement on the host the Commissioner will make the final ruling
  • Disconnection During Gameplay
    • If a player disconnects while the map is loading first 30 second & before the first kill, the map must be restarted.
    • If a player disconnects during a game, the hosting team must end the game within 15 seconds or the non-hosting team has 15 seconds to leave the match and then report the issue to League Official with the exception being SnD in which the current round would be played out completely and then either the Non-Hosting team would disconnect immediately or the hosting team would then end the game. If both Teams fail to do as such, game play will continue on as if the disconnection never took place.
    • Should a disconnect take place, a league official should be contacted as soon as it takes place after the game.   Teams/Player(s) can also contact a league official after applying to the above rules but it is ultimately the PLAYERS RESPONSIBILITY to follow through with the proper disconnection rules and regulations first.
    • If the game was ended under the appropriate terms and was CTF, Uplink or Hardpoint, The player can then be invited back to the game and gameplay continue on from the point of disconnection with the same scores, time left in game & Picks and Bans in effect.
    • If the game was ended under the appropriate terms and was SnD, The player can then be invited back to the game and gameplay continue on from the round after the disconnection & the resulting score.  The same Picks and Bans in effect will be utilized that was in effect before disconnection.
    • If the same team has a disconnection issue twice after following through with the proper disconnection steps, a league official is to be contacted immediately to determine a proper host.
    • Teams that are found to be abusing this system will be banned from the Female Pro League until further notice.
    • If the WRONG SETTINGS are played, the hosting team will forfeit the map that the wrong settings were played on.
  • Roster Rules
    • Should a team decide to disband, the league spot will be retained by the Captain and said Organization, All trades be submitted to the League Commissioner for authorization only.
    • Teams in case of emergencies are allowed a sub for the qualifiers by the guidance of the ranking official of the qualifiers
    • Official Roster Trades or roster changes starts the day after the qualifiers for said league.
    • Roster Lock will go into effect TWO WEEKS after the start of league play.  Which means the first game played in the league after qualifiers.
    • Teams are allowed Two Trades or roster changes within this period.
    • Teams Cant trade or release their elected Captain as long as they hold the title of Captain for the duration of the league.
    • Teams can elect a new Captain with 3 player votes of the team the captain resides in excluding substitutes.
    • Roster changes are coordinated and submitted through the qualified organization via E-Mail to the Female Pro League.
    • Teams must retain two players from the original roster after the point of the qualifiers roster lock for the duration of the league.
    • Teams CAN make roster changes with players that are NOT in the league
    • Changes must be submitted via e-mail to the commissioner and approved by the commissioner or higher.
    • Players are allowed 2 substitutes on their team, however, the sub(s) will not be allowed to play on any other team.
    • Teams may play 3v4 if they are unable to field a full team for play.
    • For The FPL Call of Duty (NA) league, teams are allowed to have one (1) player on their roster that is not from North America. (This includes substitute players also)
    • For The FPL Call of Duty (EU) league, teams are allowed to have one (1) player on their roster that is not from Europe. (This includes substitute players also)
  • The league spot is owned by the Female Pro League but is retained by the Organization and Captain unless stated otherwise in selective situations
  • The Organization has the authority to sell their retained spot to another Organization while it is recognized by the Female Pro League to be rightfully retained by said organization.  In order for this happen
    • The organization must have approval from majority of standing team members (excluding subs)
    • The organization must have a valid reason for selling spot
    • The request must be submitted to the Female Pro League and approved.
    • The terms of who will be on the new roster along with the appropriate information and required Female Pro League documentation must be in this request.
  • Announcements of the selling of organizations retained League Spot(s) without the approval of the Female Pro League can result in the organization being banned and/or the organizations league retention rights being revoked

For your general knowledge, if the FPL implements crowd funding, we will make an announcement on the how and what components will be used for crowd funding.  The crowd funding will be utilized for operations and prize money.  Some examples of operations would include expenses for players to travel to a LAN event, venue fees, graphics, giveaways, website hosting and streaming software.

  • FPL Org owners or staff underneath an FPL org owners brand are not allowed to approach any players directly on another teams player(s) in order to recruit them after FPL qualifiers and during FPL League Play. Any organization wanting to recruit another team’s player must go through that organization’s owner first. Breaking this rule can result in the removal of the organization from the league and the forfeiture of all rights of the team members regardless of contracts of the players between the organization. The FPL would then assist in helping to find another organization for the players.
  • Org owners are to ensure that no staff members or players are being racist, sexist or breaking any of the policies within our rules and regulations.
  • Org owners are not allowed to bash or insult the female pro league in any form via social media or any other form of communication.
  • Org owners are responsible for contracting their players and staff.

We apply with COPPA Laws and to ensure we stay compliant, our company does not allow anyone under the age of 13 to participate nor do we intentionally market towards anyone under the age of 13.  The collection by anyone of information of minors without seeking parental consent is a serious crime and we at the Female Pro league strive to help bring awareness to make the community better.

Also for clarification, players ages 13-18 must have parental consent to play in the Female Pro League in accordance to the laws that govern and the Female Pro League Policies

    • League players, members and organizations are to represent the league in a professional manner on social media, during matches and after matches
    • Player shall not post or transmit through the Services anything that contains content that:
    • Is defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane or offensive;
    • Insulting someone of their sexual identity, medical history or other acts of cyber bullying.
    • infringes or violates another parties intellectual property rights (such as music, videos, photos or other materials for which you do not have written authority from the owner of such materials to post on the Service);
    • violates any parties right of publicity or right of privacy;
    • is threatening, harassing or that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;
    • Any form of slander or racism private or on social media will get you and your org permanently banned from the Female Pro League.
    • promotes or encourages violence;
    • is inaccurate, false or misleading in any way;
    • is illegal or promotes any illegal activities;
    • promotes illegal or unauthorized copying of another person’s copyrighted work or links to them or providing information to circumvent security measures;
  • contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; or
    • contains any advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other form of solicitation.
    • The Commissioner of the Female Pro league Staff, may Ban or Suspend any member or player from the league and handles each incident on a case by case basis as each case is unique and can result in different judgements by the commissioner.
    • The Commissioner can issue penalties that can result in up to 25% reduction in prize money received per offense for the Players entire team.
    • The spectrum of these rules is to be considered in effect during qualification tournaments, FPL matches and post season matches
    • By playing in any FPL matches, Players are subject to all rules and regulations and agree to all the FPL rules, regulations and terms.
  • The Female Pro League requires that Players and sometimes organization staff and owners present Legal Government Identification in order to verify any Gender requirements for the Female Pro League, to establish an identity profile for the player and verify any age, Gender and legal requirements for documentation that may be needed for prizing.
  • To participate in the Female Pro League, Players must
    • Be a female
    • Must present Government ID which states they are Female & said government identification must have their photograph on it also upon request from the the appropriate FPL Staff.
  • Any information outside of the players Full name, Social media account name, E-Mail, Skype, PSN ID, Xbox Live Gamertag, Age, Gender, Parental Consent Forms, IP address and other small related things for gameplay and matches to take place are submitted via a 3rd party SSL, highly encrypted system.  The 3rd Party system we currently use for such matters at present moment is HELLOSIGN but is subject to change.  We may request higher forms of (PII) for tax purposes in relations to prize money such as your SSN or appropriate information for international law compliance.
    • All League Players agree to joining a skype call with a league official or Higher authority FPL Member and showing the proper government Identification which also has their photograph on said documentation to provide evidence they are the appropriate gender and their legal government name. The Female Pro League are not to take screenshots or store copies of the Players ID through this verification process.
    • Player and Org owners recognize that Legal documents for prizes in the Female Pro League may be requested for tax purposes.
    • Player Recognizes that they must have a webcam on for the duration of all league matches and remain in a skype call with a FPL official for the duration of the match to ensure fair play.
    • Players under the age of 18 are required to have a parental consent formed signed and given to the Female Pro League prior to participating in Female Pro League Matches

FPL Rostermania (Qualified Teams Pre-Season)

As it relates to Rostermania and retaining spots going into the next league of play from the qualified players to retain their spot..

  • First and foremost the team that has the Majority of players going into the next season will retain their spot
  • If a team is split 2-2 or 3-3, the group which has the team captain will retain their league spot. The substitutes for a team does not count towards this totaling process.
  • Qualified players/teams can switch organizations during this time but have 3 Days before the qualifiers for the league their spot was reserved for takes place.  Players may lose their spot if they fail to do so.
  • Some other situations
    • If for some reason each player splits off to a different team and submits their rosters before deadline, then the team with the captain will keep the spot
    • If three players from the qualified team split and the captain retires, then the player under the original organization will retain the spot
    • If three players from the qualified team split and the captain retires and none of the players are playing underneath the original organization then we will then reference the roster that played in the playoffs.
    • If none of the people that participated on the playoffs roster is active & submitted a roster, then we will then reference the rosters substitutes in order of placement number.
    • If all the above has failed then we will either cancel that spot entry all together, sell the spot, find another way to distribute it or cancel the entry all together all of which is left to the discretion of the Female Pro League and is solely based on the situation.
  • Organizations are responsible for contracting their players and the FPL will not get in between disputes between players and organizations.

8 Teams will qualify for the FPL Playoffs at the end of each league play.  The 8 Players automatically qualify for the next league as stated by the FPL commissioner of their gaming title.  This applies to the game that the Player played in or the gaming title recognized by the FPL as the next gaming title for the series that the FPL will utilize for the next, up and coming league.

  • Top 4 placing teams in FPL Finals or FPL Playoffs will receive prizing.
  • A Double Elimination 8 team, Best of 5 Matches will be played
  • The 8 teams will be seeded according to their record of match wins,
  • Part of the Playoffs may be played online and at LAN, completely online or entirely at LAN
  • The FPL may combine leagues for the FPL Finals or FPL Playoffs.  This would only take place at LAN and if there are separate leagues on the same gaming title.
  • If the FPL Finals or Playoffs take place at LAN,  the FPL will provide partial compensation for teams to travel to the FPL LAN event and participate.
  • Qualification for play offs will go Match Wins – Win Loss Record – Tie Breaker Match
  • The Players that participate at the FPL Finals or FPL Playoffs will receive the prize money.
  • In the case of numerous players playing in the FPL Playoffs or Finals for a given teams (main players and substitutes), the players that participated in the teams  last registered match in the FPL League season, FPL Finals or Playoffs will receive the compensation if said team earned compensation.


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