Expenses is the life and death of a a business with labor being the hardest one to front the bill for. Labor comes in many shapes and forms but in eSports the primary factor for competing is your players. Like Baseball or any other major sport, eSports has as i call it the “Rockstar” effect in full swing. side note the rockstar effect is when a person achieve a lot of attention or has a huge support base like Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry. I’m not gonna discuss why a teacher or soldier that fights overseas doesn’t get as much money as people with the rockstar effect as that is not the topic of this article but i do want you to understand that with all that attention comes a strong market/branding/growth opportunity with such personalities in the right situation.

The problem is with all
that attention comes great responsibility, money and business awareness to effectively utilize it to produce resources. Thats why a lot of players put the burden of enhancing their career and helping them achieve compensation for their efforts through organizations such as iSo or OpTic. Now with that being stated, I am going to give a little bit of advice how you can cut your cost and overhead alongside ncrease your revenue for your organization and hopefully become bigger than maybe even Fnatic someday.


The quicker you can obtain knowledge about events, players, key staff and everything else the better. Once you get verified information, PLAN IMMEDIATELY AND PUT IT IN MOTION AS SOON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. Simply by booking flights early, hotel rooms, and even calling ahead for taxis….yes you can do that….can get you major discounts and allow you to adjust your logistics plan to the situation.
It also allows you more time to prepare your team for potential situations that could end up preventing players from getting to events or partners from getting you the gear you need


Probably one of the best ways to save money is through partnerships. No matter how rich or how poor your organization is, making the right partnerships can ensure you cut your cost and benefit in all type of other unique ways. The degree of the pratnership can extend to a full blown merger or be as little as a collaboration on a joint cause or effort to further the community or their business.  A good example would be the Eon Interactive partnership between OpTic.


Crowd funding is not all about raising funds only, it can be an amazing marketing tool and can lead to you saving big dollars by even landing major investors or gaining valuable advice to help fix your business plan which can lead to major savings. In the early days, even Haps used crowd funding for small expenses and other things to help get his company afloat.  Regardless crowd funding is always a good tool to get the community more involved when utilized correctly.



Outside of planning ahead, if you don’t have a end goal or a way to convert the exposure and other aspects into revenue then what are you doing this for. Before you start, you need to lay a strong foundation in which to grow your organization and add value to the foundation. for instance, Youtube=viewers=exposure=sponsors/partners=revenue=esports=optic.
They started on yourtube from the pubstomping scene and continues to add value to that foundation over and over. Find your perk in the community to truly find success


Knowledge is power. Knowing and having a lot of resources is important….here are some of the happy mans…thank me later. – still get a lawyer trust me on this one

This is just a few as some things i have to keep in my lunch box.

Thank you all for your time and look forward to the great things the Female Pro league will do this year – Mr Happy