The Feelings of eSports

The feelings one experiences while playing competitive gaming is unrivaled. To merely describe it can help paint a picture but to actually participate in competitive gaming will teleport you mentally and emotionally into another realm.
One of the greatest feelings from competitive gaming, (or E-Sports), is the taste of victory. The sweet taste of victory of defeating the greatest teams in the world leaves your appetite for a challenge complete and quenched. When you’re standing on the victory podium after feasting on all the victories of battles hard fought, a tender smile creeps upon your face.
The taste of victory is made even sweeter by the sights and sounds of the roaring crowd. The Presence of Thousands of gamers and spectators cheering you on to victory, motivating you to push forward. The crowd reacting to the hard fought battle as if it was gladiators in a coliseum.
As amazing as these intense emotions are, there is yet a calmer side to competitive gaming. The smells of monster energy drinks and cheap finger foods like potato chips and beef jerky gives you a warm, at home sensation. It quickly becomes a reminder of how turning your gaming console on after a long day of work feels. Of how it feels to let all the stress built up from the day just melt away. Mostly, it reminds you that even though victory may taste ever so sweet, that hard work and sacrifice from countless hours of gaming allowed for you to be successful.
Most definitely, after experiencing your first competitive gaming event, you will look at E-Sports in a totally different way and know why millions of gamers around the world find eSports as a hidden treasure of endless possibilities