Bounties are a collection of Rewards, Challenges and Giveaways that  you could potentially collect.  Its an exclusive, new system for the FPL


These Bounties are for the competitors

Potentially earn Cash, Gear, opportunities and more with Competitive bounties.

Even if you don’t win a game, tournament or series, with Verified Bounties, you could still achieve success.

*MUST Be FPL Verified To Qualify for Verified Bounties*


Supporter Bounties are our way of giving back.  It’s a collection of giveaways and more that allows us to show our appreciation for you all along with helping to build stronger connections.  Some supporter bounties from time to time will be available for everyone but the majority of bounties will be exclusive to community members subscribed to our Twitch.TV, a Super Follower on Twitter or met unique terms for selective Supporter Bounties.  We are so happy to be able to bring this to life.



For so long we have seen a lot of streamers join an org in search a mutually beneficial relationship only to be let down or to not find a solid structure for growth.  With our Streamer Bounties, we hope to change this offering unique rewards, giveaways and challenges for Streamers to tackle and claim.

Must be an approved member of the FPL Stream Team.

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