Being racist or insulting others because of their sex/gender  is absolutely not tolerated. Orgs that have members/orgs that are racist are removed from the league if the member(s) are not promptly removed upon it being brought to their attention.

To ensure that no one is switching players during matches, webcams are required to be on during matches with a referee present.

Call of Duty seems to be one of the main eSports titles that is having a lot of problems in the community. We feel that finding success here will help us pushing forward in the future.

The way our structure works is to pull everyone closer. Through opening up more opportunities for gamers & offering common sense, easy to utilize services, we hope to help everyone going forward in eSports

Yes, you can stream your matches and still meet our requirements of having a webcam on in our official chats and applications.

Transwomen ARE women, plain and simple.  We removed barriers that others put into place that make the process for verifying women of all backgrounds in the FPL by providing multiple ways for women to get verified without being intrusive. We hear you, we see the pain and negativity women face in this community and its our goal to make this a safe place free and far away from the toxic environment others outside our family tend fuel.

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