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Ever wonder how some of the best gamers in the world of FPS somehow always has the most amazing accuracy while flying through the air or pressing a thousand other buttons.  Well 9/10, it is because of their mastery of one of the most basic elements of competitive FPS titles, centering.

So you know those 4 white lines that are in the center of your screen, believe it or not those 4 lines are the foundation of truly building you shot.  by referencing those 4 lines you can build a mental point of impact, or red dot, in your mind. Centering is the ability to keep your crosshairs or the invisible dot centered on key choke points and leveled to allow for less adjustments for following through once you aim down the sites and to also chain together other movements all the while never losing control of your characters line of sight.

One would ask how do you improve your centering and control of your line of sight?  Here is a little list of a few:

  • QuickShots with snipers
  • Warming up on  higher sensitivity
  • start imagining a red dot in the center of the crosshairs
  • playing a few matches without aim assist on
  • keeping your screen leveled while moving and staying still.
  • looking towards key checkpoints where traffic is next expected


There are many ways to improve on skills such as this.  Keep working hard and in no time you will be shooting like OpTic Scump…..well at least you will be closer to that goal.

Believe it or not most sports may be physical but the number one factor that is the difference between a winning team and a losing team is their mentality in a situation.  With all the pressure to perform, an audience staring at you as your try to take home a trophy and also your teammates relying on you also, being able to stay focused and aware of everything is key.  Lots of teams struggle with this.  You can just scroll through Youtube and see lots of videos of teams yelling at the top of their lungs to be completely silent a few minutes later and start complaining at their teammates.  Here are some things you can do to help not only yourself but your team keep the right state of mind and conquer the competition.


-Remain Positive.  No matter how bad the situation gets, the moment you start yelling at your team in a negative way is the moment your team will never recover.  Keep being positive and a vocal leader

-Stay Focused on the Game.  Forget the audience is even there and dont fall victim to the hype.

-Control your Emotions.  Dont fall hostage to your emotions, remain in control and have the courage to overcome, to change the negative emotions into a positive fuel for your internal engine.

Hydrate & Sleep.  One of the best things you can do is prep ahead of time by getting a good nights sleep and drinking lots of water.  Failure to do so can make you irritated highly easy and make it that much harder to focus.


Good luck gamers on your journey to the top!

When competing at the top , the one thing that keeps a lot of the players at the top regardless of gun skill is map knowledge.  One of the legends in the scene, Rambo Ray, was a genius when it came to knowing what spots to go to and finding the little secrets that allowed him to dominate his opponents regardless of gunskill.  In this sense, we are referencing Map Knowledge as your ability to know to to best take advantage of every single inch of the map at all times.  Just like with any craft, the more you know, the better off you will be and it most definitely holds true in competitive eSports.

It is also one reason swarms of fans tune in to see the next big spot or thing from the pros so they can deploy it themselves in their own gameplay.  So how exactly do you improve your map knowledge?  Here are a few ways to stay on top of your game

Watch the pros and semi-pros- Watching other professionals in action can definitely give a big boost to your own game play in more ways than just map knowledge

Watch Glitch Videos- Yes we said it, even though we dont approve of glitching in competitive gaming but glitch videos are a good way to see the limits and even discover new and interesting ways to deploy strategies

Crawl the Map – Ok, maybe crawling the map is a bit extreme but we know a lot of top gamers that literally crawl the map in one big circle.  You would be amazed at the things you will discover by doing this one little trick

Shoot Everything in a private lobby – Even though shooting games try to replicate realistic bullet penetration on objects, lets be honest, have you ever unloaded an entire magazine into a cardboard box where an enemy is hiding and received no hitmarkers but turned around and shot through solid metal as if it was paper.  It definitely pays to know the things in a map you can shoot through so that way you will dominate the highlight wheel.

Learn Spawn points and the timing of everything. – Learn where the players will spawn, how long it takes to reload, how long it takes to run to a hill, how many seconds it takes to rotate, where you have to site to block a spawn, how long you can cook a grenade, how long it takes for the ball to reset, learn the time of everything.  Your head should be running numbers constantly, computing everything at all times.


Well hopefully this article allows you to dominate the map leaving your opponents lost for words, till next time.

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